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Product Name: 4HL-2 peanut combine harvester

main functions: complete the excavation, lifting, transportation, soil removal, fruit picking, cleaning, lifting, warehouse collection and other processes at one time;

structure:   self-propelled, wheel type, half feeding;

supporting power:   29.5kW;

applicable mode: ridge planting, one ridge and two rows;

working efficiency: 0.1-0.16ha/hour。

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1、Straw lifter       

Straw lifter is a pair of counter rotating sharp cones. Its tip can cut through the film and the ground surface, and lift the fallen peanut straw seedling, so that the clamping chain can clamp all peanut seedlings and pull them up to transport them back. Adjustment of the grazer: the grazer shall be adjusted according to the depth of the ridge and the lodging degree of the peanut straw seedling. The normal depth of soil penetration is better if the tip of the sharp cone cuts the ground. When adjusting, use a special wrench to loosen the fastening bolt to move the position of the sharp cone up and down, and then fix it.

2、Digging shovel
The main function of digging shovel is to loosen the soil and cut off the root system of peanut. The proper depth of digging shovel is to cut off the main root of peanut seedling, which is about 12cm. If it is too deep, it will cause too much forward resistance, waste power and even cause backwater. If it is too shallow, it will cut off the peanut and cause loss. Adjustment method: loosen the fastening bolt of the digging shovel handle, move the shovel handle up and down so that the distance between the cutting edge of the digging shovel and the lower chain piece of the clamping chain is 18-21cm, and then fix the fastening bolt.

3、Limit wheel       
The function of depth limiting wheel is to generate profiling rolling walk with the ground, so as to ensure that the depth of digging shovel is always kept at a certain distance from the ground. Adjustment method: shake the depth limiting wheel to adjust the handle, shake the depth limiting wheel anticlockwise to descend, otherwise it will rise. When adjusting, it is better to clamp the chain 5-7cm from the ground, and then fix the fastening bolt. During operation, the height of the depth limiting wheel shall be adjusted at any time according to the depth of the ridge and ditch of the operation land.

4、Clamping chain       
The extraction and transportation of peanut straw seedling is completed by two mutually staggered tooth clamping chains. The front end of the two chains is in the shape of eight characters, and the front end has a large opening, which is used to gather and clamp the upright peanut seedling raised by the rice lifter. The forward movement of the machine and the reverse operation of the chain make the front low and rear high clamping chain group pull up the peanut seedling and transport it to the rear of the machine. Adjustment of clamping chain: the tightness of the clamping chain will directly affect the working state of the clamping chain. Too loose will lead to chain seizure and derailment. Too tight will lead to increased running resistance and accelerated wear. The appropriate tightness should be shaking the chain by hand with a shaking clearance of 15-20mm.

5、Soil jitter       
The soil jitter is composed of two reciprocating soil shakers. Driven by the connecting rod group, the two soil Shakers shake the peanut straw seedling left and right, and the large pieces of soil and impurities carried by the peanut straw seedling are shaken off. The shaking blow position is under the clamping chain and above the peanut result position, completing the first cleaning after the peanut seedling is unearthed. Adjusting the position of the soil shaking rod can change the vibration degree of the soil shaking rod to peanut seedling, and the vibration amplitude decreases upward, otherwise increases; adjusting the soil shaking rod inward to make the distance between the two soil shaking rods close increases the vibration, otherwise decreases, it should be adjusted according to the actual effect, so as to shake off the soil without dropping the fruit. Do not make the shaking pole hit the fruit, so as not to knock down the fruit. The device can be removed when the soil is loose.

6、Fruit picking system       
The fruit picking system is composed of two relatively running fruit picking rollers. The two fruit picking rollers and the conveying chain have a low structure before and high structure after forming a certain angle with the clamping chain. Four fruit picking blades are evenly distributed on each fruit picking roller to form 90 ° each other, and the two fruit picking roller blades are staggered 45 ° each other ° is arranged in a differential way. After the peanut straw seedling with the result part of the conveying chain downward and the stem and leaf upward enters the fruit picker, the leaf of the fruit picker first strikes the root, then successively strikes the upper part, and then continues to transport with the chain. The leaf at the end of the fruit picker strikes the fruit above the result part until the whole fruit picking process is over. The peanut seedling is transported to the outside of the harvester with the chain running.

7、Cleaning vibrating screen       
The cleaning vibrating screen is the second cleaning system of the peanut combine harvester, which is composed of the screen surface in the upper grid format and the small hole screen surface in the lower part. It forms the reciprocating vibration with the eccentric rocker structure. After the preliminary cleaning of the vibrating screen bar, the large impurities containing some straw seedlings, films, etc. which are removed by the fruit picking roller fall on the small hole screen surface in the lower part, and pass through In case of complex vibration, the soil falls from the small hole screen surface, and other impurities are lighter, they will be blown by the wind and discharged out of the harvester, and the cleaned peanut fruit will be transported to the elevator.

8、Hoisting system       
This is the core technical part of the peanut combine harvester, and also the key part of the cleaning system. Its function is to clean, transport and lift the peanut fruit containing residual soil dropped by the vibrating screen to the fruit bin again. The hollow pin shaft chain is selected to form the conveying chain screen which can rotate circularly with the grid bar. The lifting bucket is installed on the grid bar every other distance. When the chain moves in parallel, it plays the role of screening. When the chain moves in vertical, it plays the role of lifting, and it is not easy to block, and the cleaning is simple.

9、Self unloading fruit bin       
This peanut combine harvester is equipped with a hydraulic self unloading fruit bin. The turnover of the fruit bin is a hydraulic operation. The right joystick of the driver's seat is used to control the turnover and return of the fruit bin. The hydraulic dump bin can unload the peanut directly to the user's transport vehicle after harvest.

Product advantage

Product advantage

4HL-2 peanut combine harvester

Adjust the working track width to fit more Planting Patterns.
Increase the transmission rolling screen, more even fruit collection
Longer fruit picking roller, cleaner fruit picking.
Increase the fruit warehouse and keep working longer.
Longer and wider vibrating screen, better cleaning effect.
Optimized transmission system, longer trouble free operation time
Optimize the fan, adjust the direction of fan port, and adapt to more peanut growth.
Applicable environment
4HL-2 peanut combine harvester
Scope of application:
Peanut field is planted by ridging machine, with ridge spacing of 80 ± 5cm and row spacing of 25 ± 5cm. The smaller the row spacing, the better the harvest.
When harvesting, the wheels walk in the 1 and 3 ridges and harvest two rows of peanuts between 2 and 3.
  At the soil moisture content of about 10%, the soil is loose, there are no clustered and trailing weeds, the growth of peanut is normal, the straw seedling is naturally upright, the plant height is 35-55cm, there is no dead seedling and rotten fruit, and there is no insect damage leading to fruit falling off. The harvest effect of 4hb-2a peanut combine harvester can meet the following table:
Total loss rate Impurity rateCrushing ratePeanut stem integrity rate

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